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We meet most Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at the Altrincham United Reform Church on Woodlands Parkway (see the WHERE ARE WE? page).

We are also building this website in order to make Altrincham and the surrounding area more aware of our existence and to attract both players and supporters.  So please watch this space and we will try to keep you up to date on what the Orchestra is doing.

We do have some vacancies.  Please have a look at the PLAYERS page.

And you’ll find a small selection of the kind of pieces we enjoy on the FAVOURITE MUSIC page.


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CONCERT:   Saturday 15 June 2016

We’ll be at the Hale United Reform church again - our favourite concert venue  - see the poster on this page - for another concert of popular music!


CONCERT: Saturday 10 December 2016

A great afternoon at the Hale United Reform Church with a wide variety of music (Christmas and otherwise!).

Thanks again to Miles Haslam, our conductor, as well as to our guest musicians who came along to help.

Do have a look at our Facebook page and our Twitter feed, where you’ll find more news - as well as recordings from the concert.


Sunday 19 June 2016

One week to go to ACO’s next concert!

Next Sunday afternoon at 2:15pm, the baton will come down to begin our second concert at the Altrincham United Reform Church in Hale and we would love to see you there.

Details on the EVENTS page.


Saturday 19 September

Once again, out apologies for failing to keep the ACO website up to date!

Firstly, we are continuing to move forward with our new Conductor, Miles Haslam and we are currently planning our next concert.  This will hopefully take place early in December and, as you might expect, will have something of a flavour of Christmas!  More on this very soon.

Also, we have welcomed several new members, including our first viola for long while.  And we would like to say thanks to our summer visitors - it’s always a welcome sight to see them as they keep seats filled while regular players are away on holiday.

We will work bringing other pages up to date over the next few days so please watch this space…


15 July 2015

We have heard, with deep regret, of the death on 13 July of our friend and long-time colleague at the ACO, Frank Proctor.

Frank's 75 year playing career started in the 1940s in the Manchester dance bands and encompassed concert bands, saxophone quartets and symphony orchestras. He also taught clarinet and saxophone and when, in his 70s, he was asked to teach the flute to primary school children, his response was typical: he taught himself to play the instrument!

A brilliant musician, he shall be greatly missed by his fellow players who all valued his wonderful friendship. We’ve all been enriched by his long and fulfilled life.

You will always be in our thoughts, Frank!


14 June 2015

After a long gap, we’re at last back with more news about the orchestra! So let’s have a quick catchup:

As those of you who follows our Facebook feeds will have seen, the concert on 6th March at the Avenue Methodist Church was a great success, thanks in no small part to the offorts of our conductor, Keith Hatton and to all those who turned out to be entertained.

Unfortunately, shortly after the concert, Keith felt he had to give up his post with the orchestra and we wish him all the best for the future.

That’s the bad news: but we also have some good news!

Shortly after Keith’s resignation, we had a trial rehearsal session with Miles Haslam.  The orchestra was very impressed and we decided to offer him the post on a permanent basis.  Happily, he accepted and we can now report that we have a new permanent conductor and we’re moving forward once again.

Next job: we need to recruit more strings - especially violas, cellos and another double bass. Do you fit the bill here?


17 January 2015

Plans are being drawn up for ACO’s first concert for many years.

It will be on Friday 6 March at The Avenue Methodist Church in Sale and will be a Charity Event titled ‘Music in your Ears”, in aid of CALLplus.

More details on the EVENTS page.

Meanwhile, we’d like to welcome a number of new members who have joined us on violin, bassoon, flute and trombone.

We still have some empty seats so do get in touch, especially if you play viola, cello, double bass, or horn.

15 October 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks but very productive!  We’re delighted to announce that, after taking the orchestra on a test drive, Keith Hatton (formerly conductor of Blackpool Symhony Orchestra and currently MD of Poynton Royal British Legion Concert Band) has been appointed Conductor of the ACO.  

Keith is a very experienced leader and we are very happy to welcome him to the podium. We’re looking forward to some hard but enjoyable work while he takes us through the next chapter of the orchestra’s development.

Watch this space because one of Keith’s ambitions is to take the ACO back to the concert platform within the next 6 months!

8 August 2014


Our solo trumpet, Duncan, joined the ACO many years ago when founder Bill Corry asked him to come along for a few weeks to help out. That trial period is coming to an end soon when he moves to Blackpool.

And Craig Mann, our brilliant young Conductor for the last 9 months has just left us.  Craig’s talents are in increasing demand as a professional teacher, musical director arranger and performer and this means that he is no longer able to commit to regular Monday nights with the ACO.

We do have hopes that he will join us from time to time, either playing or waving the stick but, in the meantime, Gerry Moylan is back in charge.

13 May 2014

Hopefully without anyone noticing, the ACO website will have migrated to a bew host when you read this.  But if you do have any problems with the new site, please do let us know so that we can fix them.

6 November 2013

Next Monday(11th November) will be our new Conductor Craig Mann’s third rehearsal in post and the ACO is already responding to his enthusiasm and expertise.

Most brass and woodwind seats are filled but we are still on the lookout for string players to create the right balance.  If you are wondering about joining - or rejoining, do come and give the ACO a try one Monday evening.

22 October 2013

The ACO is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Conductor, Craig Mann. Craig comes to the post with a brief to take us back to the concert stage in the not too distant future.

Gerry Moylan, who has held the conducting fort since January 2012, explained that he was very happy to see Craig in post and looks forward to returning to his original seat on French Horn.  He will continue to support Craig as the ACO Deputy Conductor.

At the same time, we are very pleased to welcome Faith who has joined us on clarinet.

3 June 2013

The run of Bank Holiday Mondays is now over for a while and the orchestra will be back to normal with Monday evening meetings.

22 May 2013

The ACO is delighted to welcome new players - the latest is Jen on trombone.

We are still particularly on the lookout for string players - if you played at school and hung up your bow when you went to uni or started a family, do come and give the ACO a try - even if you are a bit rusty!  Playing with others is the easiest way to get back on form.