Altrincham Concert Orchestra

Enjoying light music from the classics to the present day in Altrincham

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About the

Altrincham Concert Orchestra

The ALTRINCHAM CONCERT ORCHESTRA was founded in the 1990s by W J (Bill) Corry and was entirely managed and conducted by him until his death in the summer of 2011.

Happily, the members of the orchestra decided that it should carry on after Bill's death, partly as a memorial to him and partly because they just love coming together to make music.

At the present time, the orchestra has a modest string section, a fairly well populated brass section and about half a dozen regular woodwind players.

We welcome players of a reasonable standard - say Grade IV and above .  At the present time, we have vacancies for string players, as you will see on our PLAYERS page.

Please get in touch to check before you come—see the WHERE ARE WE? page.